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10th February 2011

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One word - FLOAT

(And stalk your lovers)

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2nd February 2011


Album review - Either/Or by Elliott Smith

I always try not to be a singles person. Just to respect the effort put by the artist in conveying a story through the medium of music in an album.
Well sometimes its tough to actually get over a single song and try the album, you know? The song I’m talking about is Between the Bars from Elliott Smith’s 1997 album Either/Or.
After hearing it on the Good Will Hunting OST I literally couldn’t stop listening to the 2 min heartwarming track, everytime it ended all I wanted was to play it over and over again.
Took me quite some will power(and boredom, to be honest) to actually try out the rest of the album.
Thank god for that boredom!
Amazing album from the word go. From the nirvana-esque tension on 2 45 am & Cupid’s trick, to the touching Angeles and (of course) Between the Bars, and the plain lovely Rose Parade & Ballad of Big Nothing, the album start to finish calms a tense mind, providing some unknown familiarity. You tend to emote with him and the characters he talks about without knowing anything about them.

The whisper vocal overdubs, slight overdriven guitar, and ofcourse the warm acoustics give a very peaceful atmosphere to the listener.

(I find it tough to adjectify all the songs though)
Thank you Elliott Smith for reassuring my love for albums. This album is worth way more than the time you can invest in it. Rest assured that it will calm you in any situation.
I ask you to follow him down to the rose parade.

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26th January 2011

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" the Notwist have always strived to move the heart over the hips" says Stuart Berman (who evidently seems to like my favourite artists) while he reviewed The Notwist’s 2008 LP The Devil, You + Me. I couldn’t agree with him more. The electronic influences which were a huge part of Neon Golden seem have to reduced, and more of traditional rock is present, but bottom-line is, the album moved me.

This band has helped me so much through the past year in the good times and the bad times. I owe them.

But the problem with this song is that its so good, that I mostly to listen to it on repeat when it comes on the album, rather than continuing with the rest of the (very very good) album.

Like all the cars in New York
Like all the lights on New Year
Like all these gloomy planets
You know they stay anyway

Never do understand their lyrics perfectly, but they are always calming and familiar inexplicably.

The Devil, You + Me.

18th January 2011

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The Notwist - Boneless
Listen to this when you go back home after a long hard day. On repeat. You will not regret it.

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1st December 2010

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Death Cab for Cutie - 405

Loving the lo-fi sound of their 2000 album We have the Facts and We’re voting Yes. And, of-course Ben’s i-feel-like-this-means-so-much-to-me-even-if-i-don’t-understand-it-completely lyrics :).

Death cab, been awesome for more than a decade? (also, hoping the new album is of better quality than open door ep :S)

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29th November 2010

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The National - Terrible Love (Alternate Version)

Best song of 2010 yes?

Thank god they captured the live energy of this song on record also.

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28th November 2010

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The Roots - The Next Movement

You listeners, stop what you’re doin and
set it in motion, it’s the next movement

8th October 2010


Kid A, ten years on, bunch of amazing covers →

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9th September 2010

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Belle and Sebastian - Write about Love

Great thing to listen to first thing in the morning, day will go well, I promise.

Also, this song has the adorable Carey Mulligan on vocals. :)

My love for 2010 indie albums continues, am so glad B&S decided to release an album this year, been wanting to listen to them for a while.

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31st August 2010


My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-8-29) →

  1. Blind Pilot (62)
  2. Best Coast (45)
  3. Beach House (36)
  4. Broken Social Scene (24)
  5. Beirut (15)

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31st August 2010

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Voxtrot - Wrecking Force

Such a sad song actually, still makes me smile every time.

No, I’m not some maniac, am just completely in love with this EP.

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26th August 2010

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Beach House - Walk in the Park (Itunes Sessions EP)

Better than the original in some ways.

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26th August 2010


Blind Pilot Daytrotter Session →

Love how the band had started out, just guitar, percussions and such great vocals. Daytrotter captures their sound amazingly. Great great record, 3 rounds and a sound. Recommended listen.

Israel Nebeker, the lead singer of Portland, Oregon, band Blind Pilot makes me think often of the dangling string of a balloon bursting away from an unwilling, recently disappointed hand, racing toward the heavens as if there were a fire. The string becomes the thickness of a thread and then as thick as a period, then diminishes into nothing while the vibrant solid color of the escaping, round balloon remaining something that can be picked out of the air, still spotted up there as it nears the clouds close enough without actually getting to them.

I’m not always a fan of Sean Moeller’s writing on daytrotter, but this was just, wow. Do check out the page and listen to the session.

Also, an interesting read on the band’s early years and tours.

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25th August 2010


My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-8-22) →

  1. Blind Pilot (45)
  2. Beirut (15)
  3. Grizzly Bear (13)
  4. Björk (12)
  5. The Notwist (11)

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24th August 2010

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Pitchfork Reviews Reviews: how downloading music has literally saved my life →

okay so when i was 14 i was 5’2” tall and i weighed 220 lbs, and every day i woke up and had to go to school i wanted to walk in front of a bus and every day when i came home i wanted to walk in front of a bus and i didn’t want to look myself in the mirror and i didn’t let people take pictures of…

Ok so if i had a pitchfork reviews reviews reviews blog, i’d give this post a 9.0 and a Best New Post header. READ.